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Tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Google Earth
Works in FSX, FS2004 and Google Earth

FS Earth is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X, used to link the simulator to Google Earth. For full details, please visit the official website located at wideview/fsearth

Get stunning map views based on satellite images coming from Google Earth, in real time, throughout your flight. Aircraft's position and path is visualized over the map, as coming from Flight Simulator.
Use the "tilt" option available in FS Earth, to get a 3D view of the satellite scenery generated by Google Earth.

View AI and multiplayer traffic inside Google Earth while flying!

Flight plans generated by Flight Simulator can be uploaded into Google Earth.

Using the "always in front" option, Google Earth runs superimposed on the instruments. Google Earth and Flight Simulator running onto sepaated windows.
Network configuration. In this sample, a laptop is used to display Google Earth. Using dual monitor output on the same computer.



•  Works with Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004;

•  Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP (Home, Pro, etc.).

•  See your aircraft flying over satellite images fetched by Google Earth;

•  Works in map mode (as a moving map or GPS device) or in "tilt" view mode, to simulate real 3D scenery;

•  Aircraft's position and path is shwon by lines, curves and symbols;

•  View AI Traffic and multiplayer aircrafts directly in Google Earth, as coming from the simulator;

•  User's defineable keystrokes to set zoom & tilt interactively from Flight Simulator;

•  View course predicition for own aircraft and other traffic;

•  View a spatial three dimensional representation of aircrafts and paths;

•  "click and fly" option, letting the user to click any placemark in Google Earth and draw the route instantly from current aircraft's position;

•  Upload into Google Earth any flight plan generated by Flight Simulator and see it displayed with proper symbology throughout your flight;

•  Save current situation for future reference and to share it with friends;

•  Set map's style and behaviour (orientation, range, zoom, tilt); has also a dynamic zoom option depending on aircraft's ground speed;

•  "Always in front" option, to superimpose Google Earth anywhere over the instrument panel (requires Flight Simulator running maximized or in a window, not full screen);

•  Works on a single computer running FS2004 / FSX and Google Earth all together, or, for best experience and performance, can be used on two networked computers running respectively FS2004 or FSX (master) and Google Earth (slave);

•  Works in "batch" mode (fly without Google Earth, then save and review the flight's path later).

•  Doesn't require any additional software or add-on, other than Flight Simulator 2004 or Flight Simulator X, and Google Earth (works with the freeware version of Google Earth --- Google Earth Plus not required, but compatible!)

•  Trial mode is available, test before buy! (Works around Anchorage, Alaska, for a maximum of about 5 minutes);




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